by Psyguy on February 18, 2010

Dan McKinnon, Registered Psychologist, Ph.D. – (Education) is a registered psychologist who specializes in therapeutic engagements that focus on: positive psychology, mindfulness training, spiritual counselling, existential/humanistic therapy and dream interpretation/lucidity.

TalkInc is an organizational development consulting agency that provides executive coaching, psycho-educational seminars and customized interventions to family-based enterprises and individual entrepreneurs.

TalkInc’s expertise and offerings are in these principle areas: effective interpersonal communication, stress management, conflict resolution, motivation, leadership and team building, values-based adaptations to change, happiness and hardiness, creativity in business and mind state mastery.

A client firm usually enters into an annual contract with TalkInc that provides its executives and employees with full access to TalkInc’s organizational psychology expertise. Individuals interested in a coaching relationship with a TalkInc psychologist/coach often enter into a series of one-on-one sessions designed to monitor and meet the specific goals of the client.

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