The 3 Rs of Therapeutic Change

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Contrary to popular psychology and even some social scientists believing that just the right psychological theory and technique will act like a health-care “magic pill” that can make one’s worries suddenly disappear is mistaken.  A large body of research suggests that most of the therapeutic changes that happen in counselling are due to the 3 Rs: rapport, relationship and resources.  Rapport is about the connection and trust the client and therapist feel for each other.  Relationship is about the constructive cognitive and emotional exchanges that a client and therapist build up over time.  Resources are about the client’s extra-therapeutic skills/talents that  the therapist helps the client to activate in the service of change, in their day-to-day  lives.  So, if you and your counsellor have built a therapeutic alliance and are seeking concrete changes for your life, remember that the “real magic” arises by practicing the 3 Rs – creating rapport, building relationship and activating resources.

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