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The Perfect Way To Achieve Happiness


by: C. Mark Babcock Many people spend their entire lives trying to achieve happiness. This can seem like something that is elusive, but there may be some habits of healthy people that you may want to try. This can help you to learn some skills that can help you increase your current level of happiness.

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Positive Psychology Helps Create Happiness


by: Brittany A. Smith Positive psychology is a new trend in the world of psychology, one that began in the early 1990’s and is getting a great deal of attention. Positive Psychology focuses on the positive aspects of individual’s lives. Generally men and women view happiness differently. Consequently, that means that different ideas and actions […]

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Happiness – The Secrets We Can All Learn


by: Frances Evesham Wouldn’t it be great to know the secret of real happiness? Then maybe we could turn it on when we want to. We try hard enough, after all. We shop, we work hard so that we can buy new things, we try to be as thin as the latest celebrity. But do […]

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Harvard’s #1 Class is on Positivity


by: Suzanne De Cornelia Harvard University’s most popular class is ‘Positive Psychology’ about living a rich, full and abundant life. Since research proves positive people are longer living, healthier and higher functioning, students maintain a nightly diary for six months to record what was positive in that day to stay focused on the high points. […]

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The Correlation Between Health and Happiness


We have all heard the saying ‘laughter is the best medicine” but how much truth is there to this statement? Apparently a lot! Research has found that happiness itself may cause good health, and may be as important a factor as certain unhealthy habits such as smoking, I would say that if you can’t quit […]

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What is Positive Psychology?


Positive psychology is the study of those virtues and qualities that enable people, groups and institutions to thrive and be successful. In short, it is a study of what makes life worth living. This branch of psychology has come to the fore in just under 5 years. The aim of positive thinking is to make […]

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Psychology Simplified on the Five Levels of Happiness


The achievement of true and total happiness emanates from a number of sources. There are many authors who have tried to capture the essence of it. The closest I have heard to the key ingredients named four vital sources of happiness.Having described them, I shall share with you a fifth of my own. Those five […]

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When a Why helps a How


Have you ever asked yourself, “How am I ever going to get through this”?  In our existentially saturated lived lives most of us have and will again.  “How” is a statement about process.  “Why” is a statement about purpose.  Paraphrasing Nietzsche, “give a person a why and they will endure any how”.  So if you’re […]

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Positive Psychology and the Benefits of Giving Gratitude


In the distant past the field of psychology was primarily concerned with the abnormal –with things that made us depressed, anxious, stressed, and even suicidal.  Today a relatively new field, Positive Psychology, has flipped the coin and is investigating things like what makes us happy, fulfilled, and secure. In the year 2000, two psychologists, R.A. […]

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Sometimes Little is Big


Choosing to make a difference each and every day can be a real-life revelation and actualization of your humanity in the making. Making a difference doesn’t need to be about the big things, the little things will do just fine. Actually, attending to the little things that concern another can build a bigger bond, trust […]

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