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by: Paul M. Kerr

Wake up every morning and look forward to rolling out of bed and jumping into action.

Is it really possible any more or is it just a distant dream?

A while ago I used to think that it was no longer possible. However, once I went back in my mind and remembered what I had a passion for in life then those positive energies started to build in my life and get ingrained into my body itself. It is true that positivity breeds positivity so the first step towards a positive attitude to life is to find something that you love and then begin to transfer that passion elsewhere in your life as well.

The thing is that we all love a person with passion. It attracts us to them, they could be talking about anything in the world but you are attracted to their words because they are spoken with such a belief and such an energy that you become transfixed on their every beat. Drawn in.

Create that passion and then begin to feel the rhythm in you body as you speak. Speak with rhythm and soul until your whole body dances with joy at the words that you speak. People will begin to dance with you. Train you conscious mind to live with a passion and then the unconscious mind will follow suit so that you begin to live in a positive attitude with all 100% of your mind rather than just 10%

Get the fires burning and set your whole mind alight with joy. It is a habit that can be learned and one that can be easily trained and started off. It is something we were born with. This positive attitude and attacking life rather than sitting back waiting for it to punch you. I look at my daughter and smile when I see the joy she sees in the world around me that I have forgotten.

It is good to be reminded of the greatness of the world that we live in and to begin to appreciate it again. Breath in the air and smile. It’s great. Rock with the world.

I believe in self fulfilling prophecies and so have created the idea in my mind that simply having a passion for life and my work will make me an attractive person and give me energy and bundles of enthusiasm and positivity in my life. Now every morning that you wake up with this attitude the power seems to be stronger and stronger until you look so forward to waking up the next day and feeling that energy that you just want to jump up and yell.

Feel the power surging inside of you now as you being entranced by my words for you know deep down that what I say agrees with you deep down. Your body and your mind can feel it and you want to go outside now and spread the word.

Live with energy and infect those around you. Positivity attracts positivity. Get out and attract all that you want. Send out your energy and create more from the seeds of love for life.

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