Recognising What Makes You Happy And Avoiding Negativity – Drains And Radiators – An Analogy

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by: Roger Knight

An unusual title for an article, I grant you! However, this is not about plumbing – it’s about people.

I like to use the terms drains and radiators in connection with people I know and people I meet. These terms in this context were first coined by Tim Melville Ross who was Director General of the Institute of Directors. He was asked the question ‘What was the principal thing you had to learn to become successful ‘ He answered:

Over the years I learnt there are two types of people – the ‘radiators’ and ‘drains’. Radiators give themselves with enthusiasm to any project, whereas drains consume energy with negativity and moaning. Surround yourself with the former and you will succeed. Of course you have to be a radiator yourself.

So, what about you? Are you a drain or a radiator? Do you moan about things, take the pessimistic point of view, rubbish other people’s ideas, complain about the state of the world / weather / roads / government / bosses etc. and so drain people around you of their energy ? Or are you upbeat, enthusiastic, encouraging, positive and optimistic, radiating energy and inspiration?

What about your family, friends, co-workers? Which of them are drains and which are radiators? Unless you’re a committed drain yourself, I’m sure you prefer to spend time with radiators rather than drains.

So, be a radiator – look for the positive in everything, be enthusiastic, be passionate. It will help you to attract more energy and vitality into your own life and it will help those around you improve the quality of their lives too.

Thanks for reading.

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