Let the Umbrella of Positivity Defend Negativity

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by: Patricia M. Hines

Positivity or the attitude of positiveness is an umbrella to protect you from negative influences. What actually is going on around you has nothing to do with your perception of what is happening.

Many times our own internal thinking is off-track and therefore mountains from small piles of dust grow.This is especially true when we use external measurements to measure our peace of mind or internal state. If our happiness is dependent on getting that new pair or shoes, or better job, or losing 10 pounds we guarantee ourselves disappointment. Why? Because external materialistic goals can never be satisfied. Completed and met, yes, but not satisfied.

Have you ever wondered why? They are constantly being replaced with new desires, wants and dreams, which in turn will lead to more and more. It is self-perpetuating, the more we get the more we want. If amassing a certain material item is critical to your happiness then you must change your focus to inside yourself and seek what you are missing.

For calmness of mind and a positive attitude, honesty is the only way to deal with ourselves (others also) We also need to merge compassion with our honesty. We are most unsympathetic when we are dealing with ourselves. It is true that sometimes we must be critical, and tough on ourselves to promote growth. Undeserved self-guilt, self-pity and self-criticism simply bog us down and keep us from seeing the real picture of what is going on around us.

To keep our umbrella of positivity up we need to take action: Reach out to others, we are not the only ones with a faulty mindset. Seek out other positive people and soak in their positive comments and listen to their perspective.

Take positive action about one thing that is really bothering you now. Sometimes correcting even one small item can free us to take more steps. Be flexible in your thinking and search out new solutions; opportunities and reasons for joy. A different perspective enables you to find answers that were not obvious.

Give reign to your creative side. Write, draw, sing, dance, create! Great joys come from creativity. The joy lasts far longer than the time spent on any particular item. Build a monument in your mind to your creative forces. When low points and disappointments visit, the creative moments will seep into your memory and bring back the joy.

It is important to surround yourself with positivity to keep yourself insulated from the negative influences in our world.

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