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Giving Thanks – How Gratitude Can Change Your Life


Most people view gratitude as a polite expression of appreciation for help, a gift, or any other type of benefit. However, a number of psychologists are finding that an overall “attitude of gratitude” can have a positive effect on your life.

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Recognising What Makes You Happy And Avoiding Negativity – Drains And Radiators – An Analogy


by: Roger Knight An unusual title for an article, I grant you! However, this is not about plumbing – it’s about people. I like to use the terms drains and radiators in connection with people I know and people I meet. These terms in this context were first coined by Tim Melville Ross who was […]

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Positive Psychology – Common-Sense Self-Help Therapy Calgary Residents Can Use


By Dr. Dan McKinnon PhD. (Education) There is much more to the new field of Positive Psychology than the self-help therapy Calgary residents read about in popular literature.  What is the difference between Positive Psychology and what has come to be known as “Pop Psychology?”

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How to Leverage Positive Thinking and Positive Communication


by: Christopher Groscurth There is good empirical research supporting the fact that communicating and thinking positively are important for fostering extraordinary performance in work and life. Dr. Barbara Fredrickson, a professor of psychology at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and author of Positivity (Random House), has conducted research that supports the fact […]

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The Positive Psychology of Gratitude


Gratitude is about having an awareness of and appreciation for the good things in your life and not taking them for granted. It is about acknowledging the kindness of others. As such, it helps us recognise that we are not solitary creatures and that others have helped and supported us along the way. Gratitude is […]

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Positive Psychology and the Benefits of Giving Gratitude


In the distant past the field of psychology was primarily concerned with the abnormal –with things that made us depressed, anxious, stressed, and even suicidal.  Today a relatively new field, Positive Psychology, has flipped the coin and is investigating things like what makes us happy, fulfilled, and secure. In the year 2000, two psychologists, R.A. […]

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Sometimes Little is Big


Choosing to make a difference each and every day can be a real-life revelation and actualization of your humanity in the making. Making a difference doesn’t need to be about the big things, the little things will do just fine. Actually, attending to the little things that concern another can build a bigger bond, trust […]

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Give gratitude, get happy


My pal, Les from the Business Instincts Group, turned me onto this great way to help happiness happen everyday. It’s called the and it really works. Remember a gratitude a day keeps sadness away.  Give it a try and let me know how you got happy!

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Seeing the “up” in the “down” side of living


Can you remember the last time you hurt so badly that you felt like you were going to die? You were so “down” it felt as if things would never feel “up” again. Sure you can. All of us can because that’s life. As we continue along the life cycle, life teaches us that suffering […]

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Giving Gratitude is Graciously Gratifying


Have you ever noticed how the past keeps appearing in the present?  Often without even knowing we’re doing it, we’re ruminating and/or daydreaming about things gone past.  If we’re ruminating, the past is probably making us miserable and if we’re daydreaming, the past is probably making us happier.  We all want to be happier.  So […]

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