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March 2010

Happiness Happens


We were at the hospital visiting our 92 year old woman friend yesterday.  Good news is that she’s recovering well.  I blew her a kiss as I was leaving and was struck by the powerful affect that had upon her and her other visitors.  This gal even at 92 knows she’s a woman and loves […]

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Deep conversations make for more meaning and happiness


Have you ever been so deeply engaged in a conversation with another person that time seemed to disappear, you forgot your ego/self and everything just flowed?  This article may provide a hint as to why: Deep conversations can lead to what Martin Seligman and the positive psychologists call “the engaged life” and “the meaningful […]

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Give gratitude, get happy


My pal, Les from the Business Instincts Group, turned me onto this great way to help happiness happen everyday. It’s called the and it really works. Remember a gratitude a day keeps sadness away.  Give it a try and let me know how you got happy!

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Seeing the “up” in the “down” side of living


Can you remember the last time you hurt so badly that you felt like you were going to die? You were so “down” it felt as if things would never feel “up” again. Sure you can. All of us can because that’s life. As we continue along the life cycle, life teaches us that suffering […]

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Opening one’s self to Happiness


One couldn’t help but savour and celebrate their Canadian-ness as they watched the closing ceremonies of the 2010 Winter Olympics.  I did, and everyone I know was bubbling up and cheering with joy. Our athletes performed at their peaks and lived the engaged life of the “authentic happiness” and positive psychology movement whereby they finely […]

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