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August 2010

Resilience: An Essential Life Skill for Troubled Times


The Great Recession of 2007-2008 has impacted people across the entire economic spectrum.  Even the wealthy have lost jobs, homes, and possessions.  And those who have yet to be negatively affected worry that they soon will be.  Fear and uncertainty are everywhere.  How do we cope? The times require a fresh look at a valuable […]

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Positive Psychology and the Benefits of Giving Gratitude


In the distant past the field of psychology was primarily concerned with the abnormal –with things that made us depressed, anxious, stressed, and even suicidal.  Today a relatively new field, Positive Psychology, has flipped the coin and is investigating things like what makes us happy, fulfilled, and secure. In the year 2000, two psychologists, R.A. […]

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A Personal Defense of Negativity


As a person who has been cursed with the propensity to see what’s wrong with much of the things I see around me, I have spent a lifetime listening to advice that I should be more positive and more optimistic.  I have been told over and over to look for what’s right in the things […]

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The 3 Rs of Therapeutic Change


Contrary to popular psychology and even some social scientists believing that just the right psychological theory and technique will act like a health-care “magic pill” that can make one’s worries suddenly disappear is mistaken.  A large body of research suggests that most of the therapeutic changes that happen in counselling are due to the 3 […]

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Going to see a psychologist, what to expect.


Ever wondered what your first visit to a psychologist’s office might look like?  It’s really no mystery.  The art and practice of psychology is about creating a safe space for two human beings to make meaning through meeting and talking.  Your engagement with a psychologist for therapy or counselling (counseling) will begin with a discussion […]

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