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January 2011

Positive Discipline, Positive Thoughts, and Contributing Positivity


by Sean N. Burrows In this article, I will be explaining the importance of, and how to improve positive discipline. And why it is so important to contribute as much positivity to the universe whenever possible.

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Positive Psychology in Practice


by: Sean M. Kelly “I had the blues because I had no shoes until upon a street I came across a man who had no feet!” Unknown Many people are facing very tough challenges in their lives today. Some are even resorting to end it all as the whole financial foundation on which they based […]

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A New Branch of Psychology Called Positive Psychology Focuses On The Bright Side


by: Michelle Conner You might not be able to buy happiness, but there’s a good chance you can learn more about it on a college or university campus. There’s a relatively new branch of psychology known as positive psychology, and it looks at people who enjoy good psychological health. A 2008 article in Business Week […]

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Positivity Creates Rather Than Ruins Productivity


by: Paige Gersten Before anything else, what do you understand about positivity? How can you be positive? It may be manifested through print scrub tops with jolly and optimistically made designs, if you are a nurse.

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Let the Umbrella of Positivity Defend Negativity


by: Patricia M. Hines Positivity or the attitude of positiveness is an umbrella to protect you from negative influences. What actually is going on around you has nothing to do with your perception of what is happening.

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Harvard’s #1 Class is on Positivity


by: Suzanne De Cornelia Harvard University’s most popular class is ‘Positive Psychology’ about living a rich, full and abundant life. Since research proves positive people are longer living, healthier and higher functioning, students maintain a nightly diary for six months to record what was positive in that day to stay focused on the high points. […]

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Unleashing Your Gratitude Guru – 7 Positive Psychology Life Coaching Tips


by: Judy Krings, Ph.D. In these tough economic times it is easy to fall into a funk. Reflecting on your personal situation can leave you feeling weak and blah. You can learn to stretch your gratitude muscle and pump up your positivity.

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Using Positive Psychology


How to keep your employees engaged using positive psychology It is estimated that only 19% of employees are actively engaged at work at any one time, while another 19% are actively disengaged. Active disengagement at work costs the UK economy about £38bn a year. Ejaculation is primarily mediated via the sympathetic nervous system and when […]

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Positive Psychology – What Makes People Happy is Pleasure


Smart Alek: I have been working very hard lately. Soon I will have my great reward. Aleks Psych: What will that be? Smart Alek: I will never work again. Aleks Psych: What will you do if you do not work? Smart Alek: What else, expect everyone else to look after me and vehemently complain if […]

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