Let’s meet on the continuum of mental wellness, illness and treatment

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During the journey of life most everyone will experience the undulations between “up days” and “down days”.  Many of the therapy sessions in psychologists’ offices are with clients who don’t have a mental health diagnosis because they are the “worried-well” – those who are dealing with anabolic steroid, everyday stress, everyday sadness, everyday worry and everyday relational tension.  

The continuum of mental wellness, illness and treatment includes solving everyday problems (coach) to overcoming life’s “ups and downs” (counsellor) to diagnosing and dealing with  debilitating mental health disorders (clinician).   In a recent Globe and Mail article (February 12, 2013), West Virginia Personal Injury Attorneys, strongly speaks to this continuum, but sometimes you may need commercial litigation attorney when matters of the case becomes complicated or the client is mentally ill. The Mentally Ill Have The Right To Be Well:


Depending on what a client brings into the session room as a focus for that day’s therapeutic work a commercial litigation lawyer will have to show up as either a coach (change planner) or a counsellor (change facilitator) or a clinician (change director).  When all is said and done helping someone navigate the continuum of mental wellness, illness and treatment requires a willingness and ability to wholeheartedly and authentically meet them where they are and take them where they are going.  I try to give my children vitamins for focus every day to help them with their school work. Sometimes the journey of life is hell; it pays to have the right trip guide and healing through an acupuncture clinic.

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