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The Positive Psychology of Gratitude


Gratitude is about having an awareness of and appreciation for the good things in your life and not taking them for granted. It is about acknowledging the kindness of others. As such, it helps us recognise that we are not solitary creatures and that others have helped and supported us along the way. Gratitude is […]

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What is Positive Psychology?


Positive psychology is the study of those virtues and qualities that enable people, groups and institutions to thrive and be successful. In short, it is a study of what makes life worth living. This branch of psychology has come to the fore in just under 5 years. The aim of positive thinking is to make […]

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Psychology Simplified on the Five Levels of Happiness


The achievement of true and total happiness emanates from a number of sources. There are many authors who have tried to capture the essence of it. The closest I have heard to the key ingredients named four vital sources of happiness.Having described them, I shall share with you a fifth of my own. Those five […]

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Top Three Counseling Calgary Myths


Despite the fact that the Counseling profession has expanded exponentially over the last 50 years there are still some pervasive counseling myths that simply refuse to die.  Here are what some see as the top three counseling Calgary myths: Therapy is for crazy people. Therapy is for people who can’t help themselves. Once you begin […]

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Top Psychologist Calgary Tips


Search the Internet for top Psychologist Calgary tips and you’ll find some similarities and some differences in what these professionals see as top tips.  Dig into their lists and you’ll uncover a common element in the majority of them – they involve other people. You can’t give and receive gratitude without involving others.   You can’t […]

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When a Why helps a How


Have you ever asked yourself, “How am I ever going to get through this”?  In our existentially saturated lived lives most of us have and will again.  “How” is a statement about process.  “Why” is a statement about purpose.  Paraphrasing Nietzsche, “give a person a why and they will endure any how”.  So if you’re […]

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Your Three Brains and You


Ever wonder why you react, respond and resonate differently given different situations?  Actually it’s because human evolution has given you three brains, so, in a sense, there are three selves in you.  The “Triune Brain Hypothesis” (Dr. Paul MacLean) details how your physiology/neurology is comprised of: a “reptillian brain“-your instinctive, reactive self; a “paleo-mammilian brain”-your emotive, responsive self; and, […]

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Resilience: An Essential Life Skill for Troubled Times


The Great Recession of 2007-2008 has impacted people across the entire economic spectrum.  Even the wealthy have lost jobs, homes, and possessions.  And those who have yet to be negatively affected worry that they soon will be.  Fear and uncertainty are everywhere.  How do we cope? The times require a fresh look at a valuable […]

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A Personal Defense of Negativity


As a person who has been cursed with the propensity to see what’s wrong with much of the things I see around me, I have spent a lifetime listening to advice that I should be more positive and more optimistic.  I have been told over and over to look for what’s right in the things […]

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The 3 Rs of Therapeutic Change


Contrary to popular psychology and even some social scientists believing that just the right psychological theory and technique will act like a health-care “magic pill” that can make one’s worries suddenly disappear is mistaken.  A large body of research suggests that most of the therapeutic changes that happen in counselling are due to the 3 […]

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