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Psychology and You

How therapeutic change becomes you


Research shows that therapeutic change comes about quicker and feels deeper if three things are perpetually and mindfully present in the dialogue and encounter between a psychologist/counsellor and a client:  BOND, GOALS AND METHODS.  I’ve found in my counselling work that sagebrush outpatient of the therapy session stifles the client’s spirit and inhibits the flow of our encounter, so, my […]

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Giving Thanks – How Gratitude Can Change Your Life


Most people view gratitude as a polite expression of appreciation for help, a gift, or any other type of benefit. However, a number of psychologists are finding that an overall “attitude of gratitude” can have a positive effect on your life.

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The Simple Truth about Self Fulfillment


Self-fulfillment, or the ability to accomplish your hopes and dreams through your own efforts, is one thing many people seek in order to have a satisfying, happy life. To some doctors, they offer consulting for opening a rehab center to find self-fulfillment that may seem difficult or out of reach. When it comes to self-fulfillment, […]

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Sometimes little is big


Choosing to make a difference each and every day can be a real-life revelation and actualization of your humanity in the making. Making a difference doesn’t need to be about the big things, the little things will do just fine. Actually, attending to the little things that concern another can build a bigger bond, trust […]

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The Courtship Sales System, Part 2: The Stages in a Sales Relationship


There are multiple stages in a sales relationship and recognizing each of the stages is important to developing this relationship.

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The Courtship Sales System, Part 1: A Common Sense Approach to Relationship Selling


Who sells?  When you think about it, we all do, all the time.  But how are sales like the process of courtship – like dating or getting someone new to be interested in you?

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Helping Happiness Happen


For me, happiness arises and subsides to the degree that I practice “the cultivation of healthy habits”.  These healthy habits exist in three domains of activity/being: Getting-Growing-Giving. With getting, I enjoy the pleasures of things; with growing, I live in the zone of flow-based engagement; with giving, I identify with “something larger” than myself while […]

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What’s Lucid Dreaming All About?


We often ‘day dream’ as we fall off to sleep.  Lucid dreaming is different – it takes place when we are actually asleep.  At some time, during your 90-minute sleep cycle most of us, will almost always begin dreaming.  In an 8-hour night sleep, you’ll have 40 to 50 minutes of dreaming in each 90 […]

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A Business Story


A long time ago, I was in a partnership with a group of people, some family members, some associates, and we had a set of companies that were doing quite well.  One of the companies was struggling and the partner, let’s call him ‘Bob’, who was running that particular company began to get depressed and […]

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Increasing Happiness With Positive Psychology, NLP and Hypnosis


by: Matthew Ferguson There have been many recent studies into what happiness means and how to go about consciously creating it. We are regularly told of the “age of austerity” with the implication we are all going to share, not only austerity but a degree of unhappiness as a result. If we buy into this […]

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