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How therapeutic change becomes you


Research shows that therapeutic change comes about quicker and feels deeper if three things are perpetually and mindfully present in the dialogue and encounter between a psychologist/counsellor and a client:  BOND, GOALS AND METHODS.  I’ve found in my counselling work that sagebrush outpatient of the therapy session stifles the client’s spirit and inhibits the flow of our encounter, so, my […]

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Sometimes little is big


Choosing to make a difference each and every day can be a real-life revelation and actualization of your humanity in the making. Making a difference doesn’t need to be about the big things, the little things will do just fine. Actually, attending to the little things that concern another can build a bigger bond, trust […]

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Positive Psychology – The Next Step After Therapy Calgary Residents Need to Know


By Dr. Dan McKinnon PhD. (Education) You may already know a little about one of the newer fields of study within psychology – Positive Psychology.  Actually, it is not really new, tracing its origins back to the days of the early Greek philosophers interested in learning the meaning of true happiness and the good life.  […]

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Therapy in Calgary – Five Steps to Getting Help


If things in your life are not going as well as you’d like maybe you should consider gestalt therapist. Here are five steps to getting help: Recognize what’s bothering you. Accept the fact you could use some help. Talk to trusted family and friends. Search the Internet forums for therapy success stories. Find a therapist […]

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