Dreams and Interpretation

by Psyguy on February 22, 2010

Sometimes after a good night’s sleep, your dreams can seem like emotionally-charged, intriguing movies of the mind that were shown in your personal theatre of the night. Dreams are movie-like stories of self in which you play the roles of: producer, director, editor, set designer, costume designer, choreographer, actor(s), and witness/critic. Since your dreams are stories about yourself, created by yourself, for yourself – your dreams are and become you. Everything in your dreams is a personal symbol that speaks about you and the life you are living. Interpreting and understanding dreams is quite straightforward once you learn how to interview, question and interrogate the personal stories and symbols of your dreams. Engaging in dynamic dream dialogues with a Talkinc registered psychologist can help you discover answers to questions like: Who am I? How did I get here? Where am I going? What do I need to do? Got a question, need an answer, Let’s Talk.

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