Positivity Creates Rather Than Ruins Productivity

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by: Paige Gersten

Before anything else, what do you understand about positivity? How can you be positive? It may be manifested through print scrub tops with jolly and optimistically made designs, if you are a nurse.

Sidney Madwed says, “Plant the seeds of failure and failure will follow”. That is indeed true! If you are confronted with a problem, all you have to do is ignore it. Know of a way to solve it, never go away out. If you think that your goal will be a failure just because of this problem, then it might come true. So, be careful of what you wish for because it might be realized. Now, all you have to do is be positive. You know why? It is because when you have this mental attitude of being positive, you become more creative as compared to those acting in pessimism.

More prone to negativity are the nurses who tend to work for more hours than usual. But friends in the medical scrubs, you do not have to bury most of your time in work. Try to treat yourselves once in a while. For instance, you have to know what makes you happy. Are you a fan of certain cartoon characters? If yes, then you can have it decorated all over your room (just to deviate you from the usual hospital ambiance). Another one, regarding your attire, you can opt print scrub tops (as what you have read in the first sentence). You know why, prints have some effects in your brain. For instance, circle prints combined with bright colors are indeed capturing. Our eyes will then focus on the prints, causing relaxation of the brain cells. As a result, we will be forgetting the problems we used to have.

Being positive is something that follows creativity. For example, you are confronted with a patient who is so down and sick. What you must do is make him smile even just for a while. Wear bright print scrub tops in order for him to catch his attention into. If you have blue print scrub tops, you can make use of it. It is because blue absorbs the negative energies that are present in such patient. Somehow, he can already smile and face the world with gladness. See? There are two purposes of which, the first is for you to look good and feel good, while the second one is for you to become a very good instrument of happiness to some. Great is the feeling to know that good people are there for you, if not to listen, just there to give a smile. So, you may pick print scrub tops if you feel like being pessimistic and down.

Paige Gersten is a freelance writer based in Georgia. She writes about health and medical topics like nursing uniform and the likes because of her medical background. For her, writing can also help people heal.

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