Simple Living – Ways To Improve Well Being

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by: Pea Syne

The world can be a very stressful place and we have to be at our best grade sometimes to be able to get through the most difficult times. But there are some simple things we can do to out our best foot forward.

1. When the going gets tough don’t allow negativity to set in. Fight it off before it settles in with positivity. Simply drown it out.

2. Get some rest. Our psychology is affected when our system is run down. To counter balance this we can get some sleep and restore our energy levels. This will make us feel positive again which will improve out well being.

3. Read a self help post or book. Reinforce your best side by reading about things that will inspire you immediately. Even if you have read a certain book before, reading it again will remind you all over again.

4. Call someone who will make you feel good again. Maybe someone who is funny and will remind you not to take things too seriously.

5. Listen to some relaxing music.

6. Move around a bit. Play some energetic music and dance or go for a run or walk.

7. Put up a favourite picture, maybe a calm one with beautiful scenery and just look at it. Fall into the picture and leave the stress behind. This will improve your mental state and your well being.

8. Take a break. Just get up and read and book or turn on the TV. Do something unexpected and fun before you get back to the grind again.

Pea writes for A website appreciating voluntary simple living and beautiful, simple things.

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