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Sometimes little is big


Choosing to make a difference each and every day can be a real-life revelation and actualization of your humanity in the making. Making a difference doesn’t need to be about the big things, the little things will do just fine. Actually, attending to the little things that concern another can build a bigger bond, trust […]

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How to Leverage Positive Thinking and Positive Communication


by: Christopher Groscurth There is good empirical research supporting the fact that communicating and thinking positively are important for fostering extraordinary performance in work and life. Dr. Barbara Fredrickson, a professor of psychology at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and author of Positivity (Random House), has conducted research that supports the fact […]

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Deep conversations make for more meaning and happiness


Have you ever been so deeply engaged in a conversation with another person that time seemed to disappear, you forgot your ego/self and everything just flowed?  This article may provide a hint as to why: Deep conversations can lead to what Martin Seligman and the positive psychologists call “the engaged life” and “the meaningful […]

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