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Increasing Happiness With Positive Psychology, NLP and Hypnosis


by: Matthew Ferguson There have been many recent studies into what happiness means and how to go about consciously creating it. We are regularly told of the “age of austerity” with the implication we are all going to share, not only austerity but a degree of unhappiness as a result. If we buy into this […]

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Psychology – What Makes People Happy? Celebrating Your Strengths and Weaknesses


by: Aleks Srbinoski Aleks Psych: I know my strengths and I work on enhancing them every day. Smart Alek: I know your weaknesses and I work on reminding you of them every day. What causes happiness is a question with many answers. One of the key practices recommended by positive psychology practitioners is the importance […]

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Recognising What Makes You Happy And Avoiding Negativity – Drains And Radiators – An Analogy


by: Roger Knight An unusual title for an article, I grant you! However, this is not about plumbing – it’s about people. I like to use the terms drains and radiators in connection with people I know and people I meet. These terms in this context were first coined by Tim Melville Ross who was […]

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Simple Living – Ways To Improve Well Being


by: Pea Syne The world can be a very stressful place and we have to be at our best grade sometimes to be able to get through the most difficult times. But there are some simple things we can do to out our best foot forward.

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The Perfect Way To Achieve Happiness


by: C. Mark Babcock Many people spend their entire lives trying to achieve happiness. This can seem like something that is elusive, but there may be some habits of healthy people that you may want to try. This can help you to learn some skills that can help you increase your current level of happiness.

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Positive Psychology Helps Create Happiness


by: Brittany A. Smith Positive psychology is a new trend in the world of psychology, one that began in the early 1990’s and is getting a great deal of attention. Positive Psychology focuses on the positive aspects of individual’s lives. Generally men and women view happiness differently. Consequently, that means that different ideas and actions […]

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Happiness – The Secrets We Can All Learn


by: Frances Evesham Wouldn’t it be great to know the secret of real happiness? Then maybe we could turn it on when we want to. We try hard enough, after all. We shop, we work hard so that we can buy new things, we try to be as thin as the latest celebrity. But do […]

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Using Positive Psychology


How to keep your employees engaged using positive psychology It is estimated that only 19% of employees are actively engaged at work at any one time, while another 19% are actively disengaged. Active disengagement at work costs the UK economy about £38bn a year. Ejaculation is primarily mediated via the sympathetic nervous system and when […]

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Positive Psychology – What Makes People Happy is Pleasure


Smart Alek: I have been working very hard lately. Soon I will have my great reward. Aleks Psych: What will that be? Smart Alek: I will never work again. Aleks Psych: What will you do if you do not work? Smart Alek: What else, expect everyone else to look after me and vehemently complain if […]

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Give gratitude, get happy


My pal, Les from the Business Instincts Group, turned me onto this great way to help happiness happen everyday. It’s called the and it really works. Remember a gratitude a day keeps sadness away.  Give it a try and let me know how you got happy!

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